Fresh Off The Bus

Can’t Stop | February 20, 2013

Last year, I started a blog and it was, for a while, a good way for me to express the many thoughts and theories of life and other things inside my head. I’m not sure what made me stop – probably lack of motivation – but some recent events in my life have inspired me to open another blog.

I will also be documenting my journey as a teenage boy living with TSW: the ups, the downs, and the really, really bad days, which usually involves me turning into a quasi-red hot chili pepper. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention my infinite love for puns and wordplay.

So stay tuned for some (hopefully) awesome blog posts; some funky, some depressing, and some deep. My mind is an endless stretch of creativity, imagination and philosophy, and I wish to share it with you. Cheers.

Can’t stop itchin’. Can’t stop thinkin’. Bittersweet.


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